About the Author

Dr. D.J. Moran is Founder of Pickslyde Consulting, and Senior Vice President for Quality Safety Edge (QSE). He earned his Ph.D. in Clinical/School Psychology from Hofstra University.

D.J. has 20 years of experience applying behavioral principles in clinical and business environments and has developed an innovative approach to building leadership commitment to safety improvement. As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, he has conducted safety improvement initiatives in a variety of industries including pulp & paper and petroleum with organizations such as the Kuwait Oil Company, Tennessee Valley Authority, and Boise Paper. He also engaged in leadership training in Sierra Leone, and in several U. S. companies. His specialties include applied behavioral analysis, organizational behavior management, government consulting, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), leadership consulting, behavior-based safety (BBS), innovation training, sales coaching, and executive coaching.

D.J. is the past president of the Behavior Analysis Society of Illinois. He has served in elected positions for the Association for Contextual Behavioral Sciences and other national and state organizations and is the founder of the MidAmerican Psychological Institute in Chicago.

An interest in obsessive-compulsive disorder led him to work with individuals dealing with compulsive behavior.  He has appeared on or been a part of several television projects including Hoarding: Buried Alive (The Learning Channel), Confessions: Animal Hoarding (Animal Planet), and FOX News broadcasts.

D. J. coauthored ACT in Practice, a professional book focused on complex, applied behavior analysis and is the author of numerous papers on behavior change and evidence-based education. He has spent the last several years combining ACTraining with behavior-based safety and executive coaching for leadership.