Building Safety Commitment was officially launched at the Behavior Safety Now conference in Reno, Nevada this October.  My colleague Grainne Matthews and I presented a well-attended pre-conference workshop, and I had the opportunity to present “Building Safety Commitment for Leaders” as a breakout session during the convention.  Observation and Feedback are the heart and soul of behavioral safety, so I was very pleased to have many people at the conference observing my workshops and giving me feedback about the material… and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  A person a greatly respect gave me one of my favorite bits of feedback during the convention.  He said, “You’re ideas are going where no-one in the safety world has really gone before.  It takes a lot of courage to talk about personal obstacles to safety, but someone needs to go there.”

I look forward to the opportunity to talk to more people about safety commitment.  Feel free to write me with any questions or concerns.